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Roller Coaster Rides Come with Seatbelts: The 2014 Ride

2014 Year in Review

For our final entry for 2014, I wanted to do a traditional look back at the year and see if there were any lessons to be applied to 2015.  Some of you may have had your seatbelt strapped tight in 2014, while others may be the thrill seeking types.  Either way, the year turned out to be a year where the phrase “never saw that coming” was uttered by the talking heads as well as individual investors a lot.

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10 Tips for Preventing Identity and Property Theft While Holiday Shopping

The holiday season can be hectic, and while for most of us it means a dash from celebration to celebration, it unfortunately is also a boon time for thieves.  We recently attended a Lake Norman Chamber Focus Friday Briefing with members of local police departments on financial and identity theft around the holidays.  According to Cornelius Police Sargent George Brinzey, three things have to align in order for a crime to occur: desire, opportunity, and ability.  Here are some tips for protecting yourself while holiday shopping, and decreasing the opportunity for a crime:

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Preparing for Alzheimer’s: 10 Signs to Watch Out For


The Baby Boomer Generation (my wife and I are members), has also been called the Sandwich generation because many of us still have living parents to care for as well as post college children still getting on their feet.  While this situation can create challenges to both time and finances, there are also positives.  This weekend, my wife will be going to dinner and the movies with my 86 year old mom, and also going to a concert with our 30 year old daughter.  This definitely will be a weekend to fill a few pages of the memories book.

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KarpKares Holiday Event Celebrates Young Readers

Did you know that December 10th was Dewey Decimal System Day?  To help commemorate that day the Karp Financial Strategies team visited with Librarian Susie Harkey and kindergartners at Park View Elementary School to deliver donations from the KarpKares Holiday Book Drive.  “Throughout the year, the Karp Financial team and our clients support a number of organizations” said company Founder and President Jeff Karp, CLU, ChFC, CASL®.

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Jason Ray’s Inspiring Gift

The path to financial freedom may be paved with a great investment portfolio, but the unexpected may call for some smoothing out. The mission of my last post was to raise awareness about life insurance and the importance of including contingency planning in every financial plan. The timing of things can be funny, as I recently had the opportunity to be a sponsor of the Jason Ray Foundation Annual Charitable Event.

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Life Insurance 101

September is Life Insurance Awareness Month. Protecting the people we love the most is incredibly important, yet approximately 30% of American households have no life insurance, and over 50% think they are under insured.[1]

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An Unlikely Home: Historical Preservation in Mooresville

Six months ago, as my car’s GPS directed my car up Gum Street to McNeely Avenue, I got my first glimpse of what would be my new place of employment. From the first look at the grand restored gem at 139 W. McNeely in Mooresville, I sensed that this was a special place. But I had no idea how special it really was and how hard Jeff & Maryann Karp, the current owners, had worked, to restore it to its present state.

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“Go Right to the Source and Ask the Horse”

I confess: this weekend, I could not help myself. While watching some TV, I stopped on a rerun of the show “Mr. Ed”. I realize that some of my readers just did a memory flashback, and others (generally, Gen X and younger) may have no idea what I am talking about. To make matters worse, I also found a channel that was promoting an eight CD compilation of 1960’s & 1970’s music, complete with pictures of the bands. What a walk down memory lane for my wife and me!

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Is Your Identity Safe?

In 1978, The Who released the song “Who Are You?” asking that question over and over, because, as the song said, “we really want to know.” Thirty six years later, that very same question is asked of us, on a regular basis, as our very identity has come under constant assault. We are regularly asked to prove that we are who we say we are because, unfortunately, there are those that want to be us, but not for good reasons.

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The Value of Every Day

I have a saying…”No one has a lifetime guaranteed no-cut contract, so be sure to enjoy each and every day.” It’s why at Karp Financial Strategies we make “a lifetime of enjoyment” a core mission for all of our clients. While I could use this first sentence as a launching point for a conversation about the value of life insurance in a balanced financial plan, I would like to talk about something much different.

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