• How do you get paid?

    In our industry, there are two established main platforms for compensation: commission and fees.  Depending on the needs of our clients and the specific situation we are being hired to handle, we have the ability to work in either the commission or the fee environment.  Either way, this is disclosed up front so you’re always aware of what you’ll be paying.

  • Why should I work with Karp Financial Strategies?

    We believe in building your financial plan around your vision of what you want out of life.  Our relationship with you is focused on helping you pursue your dreams through financial goal setting, planning, and income generation.

  • How does Karp Financial Strategies approach client communication?

    We have a proactive approach to communication: our goal is to give you any pertinent information before you know you need it.  We believe that all our clients are entitled to honest and timely information, especially in case of a major market fluctuation or extraordinary event affecting your accounts. We have a policy about returned communication whether phone or email: morning inquiries are returned by afternoon and afternoon inquiries are returned by the next morning.  Information delivery can be customized to your communication preferences. We are here for you whenever you need us.

  • Why is a written financial plan important? How will it help me?

    People cook by recipe, travel by itinerary, exercise by regimen, build a house by blueprint, and shop with a list at the grocery store, yet ask why they need a written financial plan.  A written financial plan defines objectives, is trackable and measurable, and lets you know whether you have achieved your financial goals.

  • Would I have any responsibilities as a client of Karp Financial Strategies?

    We consider our relationships to be a partnership, and as such, mutual responsibility exists.  Just as you would expect us to deliver on our obligations to you, you are responsible to respond to us in a timely fashion, and to implement and maintain the action plan we developed together to pursue your financial goals.

  • What value do I receive from working with Karp Financial?

    Most people today are short on time.  With the complexities of the financial markets and investment options, we have the knowledge and experience to empower our clients to make prudent financial decisions.  We help you do what you don’t have the time to do, so you can enjoy life.

  • What kind of investment returns can I expect?

    No one can predict what financial markets will do. Our investment process matches your portfolio with your risk-tolerance and objectives. People tend to focus on returns but forget about the risk to achieve these returns. We develop a “personal rate of return” and take only as much risk as is needed to pursue your goals.