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There is paper wealth and then there is the true wealth of all life has to offer. This blog was inspired by this mindset -- that a life well-lived on your terms and based on your desires is a life the worthiest of living. If you aren’t already receiving Permission GrantedSM, sign up to the right.

Beat the Clock

While “The Price is Right” takes the title of the oldest TV game show in history, “Beat the Clock” was TV’s first and longest running stunt game show. In each episode, couples would complete wacky and unusual stunts within certain time limits to win cash and prizes. They had to literally beat the clock to win.
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The Value of You

The events of the past couple of weeks has created one of those “stop and think” moments that life seems to put in our path.  First, the tragic accident that took the life of 41 year old Kobe Bryant (along with 8 others), then the announcement that Mary Higgins Clark-author- age 92, had passed away (of natural causes) and most recently, the announcement by Rush Limbaugh of his advanced lung cancer.
What is my “stop and think” message?  Ask yourself- what is a life worth? What is your purpose?  

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Rewards of an Ageless Attitude

By Jeffrey R. Karp


I believe that each of us can learn from the attitudes and experiences of those that have come before us.  This belief prompts me to glance through obituaries, looking for inspiration on how to live my life.

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