Values Driven = Embracing Your Possibilities 

People do business with people they know, like and trust. When it comes to building financial trust, this means having shared values, shared expectations and a shared understanding that clarifies and reinforces a relationship for long-term mutual benefit. 

At Karp Financial Strategies, we make it easy for you to know, like, and trust what you are getting in our financial advisory team. We begin with our commitment and continue to build your trust in how we help you embrace your possibilities. 

Our Commitment to You 

  • Utmost Confidentiality: You can expect all business and personal information to remain private. Period. Only written authorization from you is acceptable for anything to be shared.
  • Proactive Communications: We will be responsive and proactive in our communication with you. This means returning phone calls in a timely manner and regular communications with you. 
  • Fiscal & Fiduciary Responsibility: We will make sure you fully understand Karp Financial Strategies’ investment philosophy, our process for developing plans and executing strategies on your behalf. 
  • Personalized Attention: As a client, you are a priority in how we handle your financial needs when action needs to be taken, a question needs to be answered, or an issue needs to be resolved. 
  • Objective Competency: You will understand the relationship between Karp Financial Strategies and our broker/dealer, LPL Financial, and how we work together to provide independent, professional guidance.
  • Entrusted Transparency:  Full disclosure of fees, charges, and expenses is paramount to our dealings with you and on your behalf. This also includes the relevant experience, credentials, compliance and disciplinary history of your advisors.
  • An Enjoyable Experience: From a conversation on the phone to meeting in person, we are dedicated to making you feel valued, appreciated and comfortable.

Your Commitment to Us 

  • Curiosity & Clarity: If you don’t understand a recommendation, ask questions and seek additional insight. Every question is welcome because your understanding ensures better financial decisions are made. 
  • Risk Comfort Zone Insights: The best financial strategy is different for every person, family or business based on your goals and your level of risk tolerance. Your insights to your comfort regarding risk enables us to build a plan that is the right plan for you. 
  • Life Changes & Updates: Life happens. And when changes are anticipated or unexpectedly occur, letting us know is important to our ability to provide the guidance you need to best leverage and/or adjust accordingly.  
  • Responsive Consideration: Just as you desire responsiveness, we require the same level of consideration when managing and handling issues or actions on your behalf.
  • A Partnering Spirit:  As your financial advisor, we work with you in the spirit of a partnership. We are all on the same team striving to make your dreams a reality. 
  • Engaged & Action-Oriented: A strategy is only as effective as the actions taken in implementation. This means your actions are just as pivotal to the strategy’s execution as the actions you are relying on us to make on your behalf.