BizBoomers – Your Business. Your Life. 

As an entrepreneur, you understand risk and you understand investment and the pain necessary for the gain. As a part of the Boomer generation, you have put your blood, sweat and tears into building a profitable, sustainable company. Now what?

Built a Business & Ready to Sell 

The first question that must be answered? “Is your business ready to sell?”  Too often, when a business owner decides to sell, they should have thought about that pivotal decision a few years before actually deciding to sell.  Does your business have good, repeatable cash flow? Are you a preferred employer and market leader? Perhaps you have managed debt well, yet feel you could do better. 

Karp Financial Strategies can be a valuable addition to your team in helping you identify how to leverage your assets and financial future in preparation for transitioning out of your business. We will help you put the proper protections in place to safeguard what you have built, while taking into consideration your ideal exit through the development of a financial succession plan. 

Just Sold or About to Sell a Business

Congratulations, now what? Whether the ink is still to be adorned on that signature line or is still drying from the deal being done, making the most of your ROI on the sale should be top of mind in your financial strategy. 

Karp Financial Strategies can help you identify ways to allocate the monies for short-term and long-term advantage, while also considering what needs to be preserved and protected for your next stage of life plan.