Believing is Seeing…

Jeff Karp |

There are many adages that having become part of mainstream thinking. They can form the basis of our own outlook on life. Personally, I like to test the “givens” of life so when someone recently stated “Well, seeing is believing” my brain sirens went off. What is the basis for this adage and are they correct?

Read on if you are now (or have ever) wondered if “seeing is believing”…

As an engineer, by degree, my training taught me to seek proof before forming conclusions. Life is full of examples where acceptance is only obtained through visual/analytical proof. Consider that this adage, then, is based on a somewhat cynical or negative view of life, in that “it cannot be” until you prove it to me.

Let’s explore the possibility that really “Believing…is seeing.” Could it be that if you form an outcome, good or bad, in your mind that you begin to see that outcome in everyday life? Did the 5 year old that saw himself/herself playing major league sports have proof before he/she bought in? Did we have proof that we could land on the moon or believe it so strongly that we saw the success at each step? What about religion; there is a lot of believing without any proof.

How does this apply in the financial services world and specifically at Karp Financial Strategies, you might wonder? Our firm helps people form a vision, then create a plan to work toward a lifetime of enjoyment. Statistically, many people do not have a vision of life because they do not “believe” in their own success.

“I’ll never be able to retire,”
“I’ll never have $$(plug in your own number),”
“I’ll never get to travel to…”

To this we ask, “How do you know?” If we can help you believe in the outcome, then you see the possibilities everywhere and implementing the actions becomes easy. Without that belief, negative energy limits action.

There is more to this than I can share in a blog and “seeing is believing” has application in the practical sense, but in the world of financial planning and at Karp Financial Strategies we BELIEVE that “Believing really does create seeing.”