Pursue it Means GO

Jeff Karp |

As a child, I remember hearing that one of my relatives had won their state lottery. While it did not have a large effect on their lifestyle, it certainly was a stroke of luck.  Though the outcome of winning was “lucky,” the activity that led to the win is a perfect example of my continued focus on the basics.  The start of a new year is always a good time to revisit “the basics”. 

Let me be more specific, using the story above.

Dream It – Where is all begins.  Who would purchase a lottery ticket if they did not dream of winning it.  My relatives imagined a different life for themselves due to the new found wealth, if they won.

Plan It - They had to determine steps and consider their options. In this case buy the ticket, which may not have been that complicated but still had to be a plan in place. 

Finally, Pursue It –   They had to commit to and actually take action. Consider that in almost every sports race, whether horse, car or human, the word GO (or some kind of start indicator) starts the action.  As the saying goes---talk is cheap.

In your personal race to financial wellness, it’s your GO button-PRESS IT!  This is where mental discipline and action puts your plan to work. Commit to start, to review your plan, and to track your progress on a monthly basis so that you can make adjustments as needed. Commit to increase your knowledge and become more educated about financial issues that may impact your wellness plan. Commit to a positive attitude because bumps will be encountered.  And lastly, commit to celebrate your success as you move closer to your goals.


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